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About the training and learning facility

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The ESA Academy Training and Learning Facility is a facility of the ESA Education Office dedicated to hosting 4-5 day training sessions for university students. The training sessions, in different fields of expertise, are delivered by ESA and external experts. 

The Facility is located in the ESA Education Training Centre, ESEC-Galaxia, Belgium and features a  training room and an educational Concurrent Design Facility, or CDF. This is an integrated professional system that will allow students to learn what is concurrent engineering and why it is beneficial, to investigate the preliminary design of a space mission – or system – and to gain direct experience of system engineering design. 

Target audience

University students, from Bachelor to Ph.D. level, studying science or engineering who:

  • participate in the ESA Academy's Hands-on Space Projects
  • prepare for a space related career
  • with no experience in the space domain



  • ESA scientists and engineers
  • ESA retired staff
  • University professors
  • Experts from space industry and research organizations


Training session format

  • up to 40 training hours (5 days)
  • up to 30 university students per session
  • 1 to 6 space professional trainers per day
  • students arrive on Sunday or Monday
  • students depart on Friday or Saturday

Training session topics

Since March 2016, training sessions on different space-related topics have been delivered including:

  • Space engineering
  • Space sciences
  • Space medicine
  • Space law
  • Spacecraft operations and communication
  • Product assurance
  • Standardisation
  • Space debris
  • Mission planning
  • and more


Up two 20 training sessions are offered to university students every year. 

List of past, current and future opportunity is available on ESA Education website.

Sponsorship for students
Selected students are sponsored by ESA. The sponsorship cover accommodation and meals as well as up to 200 Euros for travelling to ESEC-Galaxia in Transinne, Belgium.

ECTS credits
During the training sessions, students are evaluated through an online evaluation questionnaire or a group project in order to obtain a grade to be included in their course transcript. With this document and their certificate of participation, students can claim, to their respective universities, ECTS credit(s) to for their participation.


Please note that the information detailed above is subject to change without prior notice.

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