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ESEO UHF Beacon Information

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ESA / Education / ESEO

You can find the TLEs here

Frequency: 437.00 MHz

Transmission Format: See attachment 1

Modulation Format: GFSK


Beacon schedule:

  • Every 1 minute when in safe mode and just after deployment during the de-tumbling phase
  • Every 1 minutes when in sunlight
  • Every 5 minutes when in eclipse


Beacon Types (transmitted cyclically):

  1. General
  2. Power System
  3. OBDH
  4. AOCS and sensor/actuator
  5. FDIR and TMTC
  6. Payload

Additional beacon (not in nominal rotation): Emergency

Telemetry equations: See attachment 2

Destination Address is: ESEO 

Source Address is: IW4DUL 

The following information is stored in every packet sent from the spacecraft in the Address part of the message, as per AX.25 protocol. 

 First Byte 
Destination Address Subfield  Source Address Subfield 
A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7  A8 A9 A10 A11 A12 A13 A14 
Byte  ASCII 

Bin Data 

MSB           LSB 

Hex Data 
A1  10001010  8A 
A2  10100110  A6 
A3  10001010  8A 
A4  10011110  9E 
A5  Space  01000000  40 
A6  Space  01000000  40 
A7  SSID  01100000  60 
A8  10010010  92 
A9  10101110  AE 
A10  01101000  68 
A11  10001000  88 
A12  10101010  AA 
A13  10011000  98 
A14  SSID  01100001  61