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Train like an astronaut challenges

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#TrainLikeanAstronaut Challenges

It’s time to get up, move our bodies, and train like an astronaut!

Every two weeks you will receive a new physical activity challenge to practice your agility, endurance, coordination, and strength- just like real astronauts need for their missions to space.

Challenge 8 has just been published. 

Want to take part?

Step 1: Follow us on social media

Step 2: Complete the bi-weekly challenge

  • You can complete the challenge individually or as a virtual team
  • You can also complete the challenge as a family
  • As you complete the challenge, film it or take a picture. We want to see how YOU are completing the challenge, so be creative!

Step 3: Share your progress

  • Post your video or photo on any of our social media pages using #trainlikeanastronaut
  • The most creative post(s) will be named the Astro-trainee of the Week!

Step 4: Look out!

  • Like and share posts
  • At the end of each challenge look out for the featured Astro-trainee of the Week.


May 19  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 1
June 02  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 2
June 16  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 3
June 30  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 4
July 14  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 5
July 28  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 6
August 11  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 7
August 25  Train Like an Astronaut Challenge 8

Interested in more space-themed exercise and health-related activities? Check out the full Mission X: train like an astronaut school project and get ready for the launch of the 2020-2021 edition.

Who can participate?

#TrainLikeanAstronaut Challenges are non-competitive. Participation is open to individuals, virtual teams of young people, and families.

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