The campaign

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ESA / Education / Fly A Rocket!

The campaign will be held at Andøya Space Centre, located near the small town of Andennes in Norhern Norway. Participants in the programme will live and work on site for 5 days (6 nights). 

Typical campaign schedule:

Day 1 (Sunday):  Travel Day
Day 2 (Monday):  Welcome/Introductions, Rocketry lectures, guided tours, MATLAB training, Paper rocketry, social gathering
Day 3 (Tuesday):  Visit to Spaceship Aurora, Ballooning lectures, release of PTU sondes, start of work on the student rocket
Day 4 (Wednesday):  Continue working on the student rocket, highlight lectures
Day 5 (Thursday):  Launch day!
Day 6 (Friday):  Post-flight analysis and tour of ALOMAR observatory.
Day 7 (Saturday):  Departure