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ESA / Education / Fly A Rocket!

The online course is managed by NAROM. Participants will be given access to an online portal where they can access information about various aspects of space science and technology, before completing two exercises. NAROM provide help and feedback throughout the process, and plenty of time is given to fit the course around University commitments. 

Typical of the online course:

  1. About rocket engines
    • The rocket engine principle
    • Why momentum transfer is important
    • The three engine types: solid, liquid and hybrid
    • Which rocket engine types to use when
    • The rocket thrust equation
  2. Rocket dynamics
    • Forces acting on the rocket (6-DOF). Gravity loss and air drag, which impacts a rocket launch the most?
    • How one can simulate a rocket launch on a laptop computer (3-DOF alone and 6-DOF with existing software)
    • Case assignment: Ariane 5
  3. Satellite orbits
    • Kepler’s laws
    • Introduction of the six basic parameters describing satellite orbits
    • Simple orbit equations in a plane (no need to go into orbital orientations at this point):
      • Velocity and time period as a function of radius both for circular and general ellipses
      • Energy conservation equation for general ellipses
    • Suggestion of an exercise: Plot certain orbits in 2D and find parameters like velocity as a function of time, eccentricity, etc.
  4. NAROM student rocket
    • NAROM student rocket basics
    • Encoder and transmitter
    • Encoder frame
    • Sending the data