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Parabolic flight aircraft A310

Airbus A310 Zero-G

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The plane in which the experiments are accommodated is a modified Airbus A 310, the so called Airbus A 310 Zero-G (Registration F-WNOV).  It is based at the Aéroport International de Bordeaux-Mérignac. Some details are shown in the table below.

Characteristic Value 
Maximum mass 157t
Length  64.4m
Wingspan 43.9m 
Fuselage diameter 5.6m 
Total cabin volume 300m^3 
Testing volume inside cabin 20m x 5m x 2.3m (l x w x h) 
Total testing volume 300m^3
Dimension of door to load equipment 1.8m x 1.06m (h x w)
Total number of passengers 40

Further on the cabin walls, floor and ceiling of the test area are specially padded and illuminated by led lights. 

FYT2016 students inside the A310 Zero G
FYT2016 students inside the A310 Zero G