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Technical Constraints

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While defining their projects, applicants should keep in mind the following constraints that apply to the experiments: 

  • No potentially highly energetic or dangerous experiment will be accepted. This excludes:
    • toxic, radioactive, extremely flammable or explosive products;
    • extreme temperatures (liquid: max 49°C, material: max 60°C);
    • high pressure and volume (pressure x volume < 4 bar litres);
    • extreme magnetic fields, high voltage or high electrical power.
  • The experiment mass should be as limited as possible, and should not exceed 75kg.
  • The mass of free floating modules should be limited to 10kg, and restrains (e.g. cage, tether, netted area) to limit the travel of uncontrolled movement should be foreseen.
  • The total liquid quantity within an experiment should remain within half a litre, and double sealed containers should be used.
  • The experiments should not take up an area of more than 2 x 2 m2.
  • The set-up of all electrical equipment (including all connectors and wiring) should be carried out by a professional electrician.
  • The mechanical set up should be prepared by a professional workshop technician.
  • Experiments on animals and genetically modified organisms will not be accepted.

For more information regarding these aspects, please refer to the Novespace 'Introductory Note'.

Please note that the conditions detailed above are subject to change without prior notice.