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Join the Moon Camp Explorers and Pioneers 2021

12/01/2021 3081 views 33 likes
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Registrations are now open for the 2021 Moon Camp Explorers and Pioneers. Your team’s mission is to 3D design a Moon Camp capable of sustaining at least two astronauts and keeping them safe from hazards and the vacuum of space. Submit your Moon Camp entry by 22 April 2021 and compete to win the Moon Camp Prize for best project!

The Moon Camp Challenge is an interdisciplinary school project that invites students, aged up to 19 years, to team up and 3D design their own base on the Moon.  

Moon Camp Explorers is open for students up to 14 years old to design their projects using the 3D design tool Tinkercad. Students aged 15 to 19 years can participate in the advanced level, Moon Camp Pioneers, which will work with the design tool Fusion 360. 

The challenge allows the teams to work collaboratively using exciting and innovative learning technologies, such as 3D modelling, to explore the extreme environment of the Moon and to better understand how environment affects habitability. 

Take your design skills to the next level and work like a space engineer to win prizes. For more information and full participation details, please visit

Moon Camp is an education project run in collaboration between ESA and the Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk.


For questions regarding the project, please email