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Moon Camp Challenge finalists selected!

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The Moon Camp Challenge was taken up by over 850 pupils around the world, with 535 participants coming from 15 ESA Member States. Over the past few months students used ESA’s educational resources, Airbus Foundation’s animations and Autodesk’s 3D design tools to create their lunar camps, coming up with the most creative, innovative and suited-to-purpose designs.

All of the entries were judged based on their creativity, feasibility, and quality of the 3D model and of the justification for the designs. The quality of entries was extremely high and the European Space Agency, Airbus Foundation and Autodesk would like to congratulate all the participants for their effort and hard work. From the 294 projects, 20 have been selected as finalists from each category (up to 12 years old and 13 to 18 years old).

A panel of experts in space and lunar exploration will now select the 3 best entries from ESA Member States and the 3 best from non-ESA Member States in each category.

The finalists are (in no particular order):

Category 1:

ESA Member States
Jules Verne – Moon Camp - France
Saint Exupery – Moon Camp - France
Moon Gag - Spain
The MOON Walkers – Portugal
Titan station III – Sweden
Portugal Moon Shelter – Portugal
Living in the Moon - Spain
Astro Moon Quixotes – Spain
Hello… Earth to Moon Base - UK

ESA non-Member States

Moon Camp Challenge-MYE - USA
Chinese Moon Camp - China
China Space Agency Lunar Consulate - China
DreamCamper - China
Sea & Bright Moon - China
Crazy Science Fan - China
Ant Nest Moon Camp - China
#MoonCampChina – Morning Star group - China
Fengxiao Warriors - China
#MoonCampChina The Little Star of Dream Moon - China

Category 2:

ESA Member States

Moon Entrepreneurs - Spain
Lunar Base Design from Thessaloniki - Greece
Looking to Mars - Spain
Moon Hub - Italy
Base Lotus - Sweden
Universe Conquest Camp – France
BENDIS – Romania
The Lighthouse – Portugal
Cowes Enterprise College: Team For Moon Camp – UK
Team ExploMoon – Moon Camp - Germany

ESA non-Member States

A Little Cool Moon Camp - China
Moon Base - China
LCS – Lunar Cableway System - Croatia
Moon Camp GG - China
广寒基地 - China
月球原子营地 - China
Project Gardenia - Brazil
Love.J.Wings - China
Design a moon camp - China
SHSID Moon Camp – China

See the submissions of the finalists from category 1 here, and from category 2 here. Please note that only submissions that were marked as public will be viewable.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winning teams in May!

About the Moon Camp Challenge

The Moon Camp Challenge is an educational and inspirational project run by ESA and Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk. It features preparatory classroom activities that focus on learning-by-design and science experimentation. The Moon Camp Challenge is divided into two separate missions featuring different levels of complexity: category 1, up to (and including) 12 years old, and category 2, from 13 to (and including) 18 years old.

Over the past months, students have been tasked with carrying out a number of curricular scientific experiments related to the Moon and applied their acquired knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner to design their own Moon Camp using a 3D modelling tool (Tinkercad for category 1 or Fusion 360 for category 2).

Teams submitted their designs along with justifications and explanations about various aspects of their designs. The entries provided a high level of detail and demonstrated an enormous amount of time and effort dedicated by each and every team.

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