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How to apply

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ESA / Education / Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition

Interested in applying? You should then follow the following steps:

  • Identify and speak to the endorsing professor or academic supervisor, who should preferably be your thesis or project supervisor.
  • Form a team of four to six students who fulfil the eligibility criteria and have an interest in working in a team as an integral part of their university syllabus.
  • Read the condition to apply carefully, and familiarise yourself with the SAHC documentation found in the list of documents.
  • Define your project, discuss it, and try to find references in the scientific literature about similar research projects.
  • Write an experiment proposal following the experiment proposal template (list of documents). Please closely follow the instructions below.
  • Ask your endorsing professor or academic supervisor to write a formal letter of endorsement in which he/she pledges his/her support to all the team members as well as your proposed project. More specifically, the endorsing professor or academic supervisor should clearly state that he/she supports the student’s application and that he/she accepts responsibility for their Spin Your Thesis! – Human Edition project.
  • Apply for the programme by email all the documents in a single zip file to the programme email address spinyourthesis-humanedition @

Instructions for the experiment proposal

The experiment proposal should focus on the scientific and/or medical objectives of the project and on the various details needed to implement their experiment. In other words, participants are invited to explain what they intend to investigate and how they are going to implement their experiment.

Prior to completing the experiment proposal template teams should conduct research of the scientific literature to determine whether work has already been done on the same or similar topic and to use it in the proposal to support the justification of the experiment.

The experiment proposal must also explain the relevance of the project and more particularly - the value of using the Short Arm Human Centrifuge as a means of achieving its objectives.

The applicants must also explain clearly and concisely how the proposed experiment is related to their syllabus. They should indicate which academic projects/modules they are involved in, and how their proposed experiment would be relevant to these projects.

The text of the experimental proposal should be comprehensible to biomedical scientists and engineers with a general scientific background.

Questions and contact details

If you have questions about the programme, please contact the Spin Your Thesis! – Human Edition team at: SpinYourThesis-HumanEdition @ When sending an e-mail, please include a clear and concise subject title.