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Astrofood - Learning about edible plants in Space | Teach with space PR41

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In this set of activities, students will learn about the different components of plants. They will learn which parts of well-known plants are edible and learn the difference between a vegetable, a fruit and a seed. The students will have to imagine and draw the plant associated with the fruit/vegetable/seed they are observing. They will also learn that different plants require different growth conditions and will give different yields. Based on this they will consider which plants are suitable for growing in space as a good source of nutrition for astronauts.

Download: Teacher’s guide and student worksheets
Age range: 6 – 10 years old
Keywords: Science, Plants, Seeds, Vegetables, Fruits, Food

How can you get food on the Moon? Watch this Airbus Foundation Discovery Space animation to find out. For more animations visit this page.

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