Mission X - Train Like an Astronaut

Calling all primary schools - Would you like to train like an astronaut in 2017?

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Are you a primary school teacher? If so, then don’t miss the chance to register your class to the Mission X challenge 2017 and train with ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet and his crew members! You have until 31 December 2016*! 

Mission X is an international challenge for pupils aged 8 to 12 years old.  It focuses on fitness and healthy eating, two very important topics for astronauts.  Pupils will learn about coordination, spatial awareness, stamina, and strength. They will also learn to be part of a team and do some science involving nutrition and space technology.

Mission X is an initiative of NASA, ESA, and other space agencies around the world.  During the challenge, your class will take part in  six weeks of training to get fit like astronauts. By doing this training, your class will also attempt to earn points to get Astro Charlie, the Mission X mascot, to walk to the Moon and back.  Paxi, ESA’s  Education mascot, and other friends, will also be cheering Astro Charlie on.

Children from a Greek school training like an astronaut
Children from a Greek school training like an astronaut

Mission X begins on 16 January 2017, and starting on that day, its dedicated website will be ready for your posts! There you can see what participating schools from around the world are doing, and you can also post your own progress during the challenge.

Want to participate?

Register via the website, using registration code RUBINS2017 and registration type "Challenge 2."  You have until 31 December* to do so.

If you have any further questions, contact us at teachers @ esa.int.

Go Mission X 2017!

*This date may change depending on the application procedures of the different countries so please check with your national Agency/referent.

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