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Vega is being prepared for its third flight at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. This is a commercial launch operated by Arianespace to deliver Kazakhstan's first Earth observation satellite into orbit.

A flawless maiden flight in February 2012 was followed in May 2013 by the first of four ‘Verta’ flights to prove the system’s flexibility. A commercial liftoff so soon, demonstrates the confidence of the market in ESA's latest launcher, Vega.

ESA is currently adapting its launcher programmes to fit the evolving satellite market, while at the same time maintaining independent access to space for Europe.
This video shows the Vega launch campaign in Kourou, as well as images of Soyuz and Ariane 5 with graphics of Ariane 6 and includes an interview with Gaele Winters, ESA Director of Launchers.

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    Vega goes commercial

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    Vega is prepared for its third flight at Europe’s Spaceport