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N° 1–1998: 1998: European Space at the forefront

5 January 1998

In 1998 ESA will be involved in a series of space activities both at European and international level. The following list highlights the main events lined up in the European space calendar for this year.


21/01 Paris, France: ESA's Director General Antonio Rodotà meets the Press at ESA Head Office.

27/1 Kourou, French Guiana: Ariane 4 launch (V105). Payload: Brasilsat B3, Inmarsat 3 F5.

28/1-1/2 Alpbach, Austria: United Nations Workshop: "The Age of Space Commercialization: evolving role of government and industries in enhancing international cooperation in space activities".

29/1 Washington, USA: Signature of International Space Station Inter Governmental Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding.


9-10/2 Vienna, Austria: COSPAR/IAF workshop on "Scientific and Technical Aspects and Applications of Space-based Meteorology" and UN Committee on the peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

t.b.d. Stockholm, Sweden: ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang at Cosmonova, public and media event.

end Kourou, French Guiana: Ariane 4 launch (V106). Payload: Hotbirtd 4.


10-13/3 Brighton, United Kingdom: Oceanology International '98: "The Global Ocean", exhibition & congress. . 2nd half Kourou, French Guiana: Ariane 4 launch (V107). Payload: Spot 4.

31/3 Rome, Italy: Artemis telecommunication satellite delivered to ESA. Joint ESA/ASI/Alenia Aerospazio press event. end Bordeaux, France: Automatic Reentry Demonstrator delivery to ESA. Joint ESA/Aerospatiale event. April:

1-5/04 Rome, Italy: ?Rassegna Internazionale di Elettronica, Spazio, Energia.?, ESA exhibition.

2-18/04 Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA: Space shuttle flight (Mission STS-90). Last Spacelab mission, with ESA?s Neurolab.

mid Transinne, Belgium: IAF Space and Education seminar. 2nd half Kourou, French Guiana: Ariane 4 launch (V108). Payload: Insat 2E and Nilsat 1.


t.b.c. Noordwijk, the Netherlands: Testing of Meteosat Second Generation structural model at ESA/ESTEC. Media day.

18-24/05 Berlin, Germany: ILA ?98, space exhibition.

23/05 Dublin, Ireland: European Space Days, space exhibition. : 2nd half Friedrichshafen, Germany: Cluster II presentation. Joint press event with Daimler Benz Aerospace (Dornier).

end (t.b.c.) Kourou, French Guiana: Third launch of Ariane 5 (A503). Payload: Automatic Reentry Demonstrator (ARD) and t.b.d. commercial payload.


8-12/6 Tromso, Norway: 27th International Symposium on Remote Sensing and Environment.

20/06 (t.b.c.) Noordwijk, the Netherlands: European Press event at ESA/ESTEC to follow the First International Space Station element assembly flight from Baikonour, Kazachstan.

23-24/6 Brussells, Belgium: (t.b.c.) ESA Council Meeting at Ministerial Level.


mid Rome, Italy: "Oltre il Cielo", space/astronomy exhibition. 21-30/07 Alpbach, Austria: Summer school: "Our solid and liquid planet".


17-21/8 Lisbon, Portugal: Conference "Towards Sustainable use of the oceans and Coastal Areas".

t.b.d. Kourou, French Guiana: Ariane 4 launch (V112). Payload: Skynet.


7-13/9 Farnborough, United Kingdom. Farnborough '98 exhibition.

28/09-2/10 Melbourne, Australia: 49th IAF (International astronautical Federation) Congress.


19-23/10 Brussels/Transinne, Belgium: Association of Space Explorers, congress "Space and Education- Message to the youth".

t.b.d. Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA: Space Shuttle flight STS-95 with ESA astronaut Pedro Duque on board and ESA payload.

t.b.d. Noordwijk, the Netherlands: Testing of Polar Platform/Envisat flight unit. Media day at ESA/ESTEC.


End Darmstadt, Germany: XMM Ground segment presentation. Media day at ESA/ESOC.

Dates of certain events, especially those related to launches, very much depend on varius parameters such as readiness of spacecraft and of launcher, etc. and thus remain t.b.c. (to be confirmed) for quite some time. We will timely keep you up-to-date with all these events, and many more, through the usual flow of Press Releases and Information Notes.

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