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N° 16–1995: ERS-2 acquires first image

5 May 1995

The rust experimental SAR image of ERS-2, launched on 21 April 1995, was acquired on 2 May 1995, at 11.52 hours Central European Summer Time (9.52 hours GMT). The image covers the Campania region in the south of central Italy.

ERS-1 has already passed over the same region on 27 March and on 1 May, acquiring an image at both occasions. It was therefore possible to produce the fast combined ERS-1/ERS-2 multitemporal image, in colour, of the same region.

Paper prints of the two images are available from ESA Public Relations starting Monday 8 May 1995, along with a descriptive caption.

Note to editors: ERS-2 News Available on the Internet The "ESA/ESRIN Earth Remote Sensing User Services" on Internet takes straight into the latest news on the ERS-2 mission; using the address, details on the satellite and its payload, on ERS-Tandem operations and on SAR acquisition plans etc. can be accessed. This Internet service also allows to visualise and download existing ERS- I images, as well as the above ERS-2 images, and a selection of further ERS-2 images as they become available.