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N° 17–1998: ESA and CERN strengthen their relationship

7 May 1998

Mr Antonio Rodotà, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA) visited CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics on Thursday 7 May. He was welcomed by Prof. Chris Llewellyn Smith, the Director General of CERN, together with his designated successor, Prof. Luciano Maiani.

After very fruitful and positive discussions the Directors General agreed on the creation of Working Groups to study and propose systematic joint activities to be conducted on a regular basis between the two Organisations.

The Working Groups will reinforce the existing cooperation between the Organisations in scientific and technical fields, for example in data acquisition, handling and networking. The importance of communicating to the general public the scientific aims and achievements of both Organisations was underlined by setting up new initiatives to take advantage of joint experience in educational projects and outreach actions. Finally, the representatives of ESA and CERN agreed to reinforce the exchange of information on administratives issues. The Working Groups will present proposals to the management of the respective Agencies in September 1998.