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N° 16–1998: ESA at ILA in Berlin, 18-24 May 1998

24 April 1998

The International Aerospace Exhibition ILA'98 will be held in Berlin at Sch(nefeld Airport between 18 and 24 May 1998. More than 600 exhibitors from Europe and all over the world will be attending this international trade fair, including leading US aerospace companies and numerous representatives of the aerospace industry from Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as that from many Asian countries.

ESA, together with the German Aerospace Center DLR, and the German Aerospace Industries Association BDLI, are jointly organizing for the fourth time the "Raumfahrthalle", the Space activities Hall, a 2000 sqm. pavilion where current and future European space activities, as well as Germany's national space programmes, are presented to the public in lively and exciting ways.

The Space activities Hall features exclusive spacecraft models and scenery of the Earth and of Saturn's moon Titan. The International Space Station, a special attraction this year, is presented by means of a very detailed full-size mock-up of the European, the American and the Japanese modules. A 1:10 model of the complete Space Station is suspended overhead, while a "control centre" fitted with consoles and computers will allow visitors to follow a simulated mission from the ground. DLR, the BDLI and ESA have organised a rich programme of press and media activities for the whole week. In particular, ESA's press activities are concentrated on Tuesday 19 and Friday 22 May. Thursday 21 is instead devoted to the general public and to young people in particular. A full breakdown of all ESA press and public activities is listed in the attached programme.

Media representatives wishing to take part in these events are kindly requested to fill out the attached accreditation form and return it, preferably by fax, to the ESA Public Relations Division in Paris, France, Fax. + 33 1 5369 7690.

Note: Upon arrival at ILA, media representatives are requested to register at the Press Centre (next to the Space Pavilion) and obtain their badge for free access.

Main space related Press and public events at ILA '98

Monday 18 May

10:00-11h00 Inauguration ceremony.

Tuesday 19 May

09:00- 10:15 ESA/DLR press breakfast: Antonio Rodotà, ESA Director General, Walter Kröll, DLR Chairman Executive Board.

10:00-11:30 Arianespace press conference

11:30-12:30 ESA press conference: Space Science Roger Bonnet, Director of Scientific Programmes.

12:45- 13:45 ESA press conference: Space Transportation Fredrik Engström, Director of Launchers and representatives of German industries.

15:30-16:30 ESA press conference: Space technology in an integrated European strategy Hans Kappler, Director of Industrial Matters and Technology Programmes.

Thursday 21 May
As of 11:30 ESA /Space Day/ Youth programme Theme: The International Space Station: what and what for?? 15 minute public presentation at 11:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30

Friday 22 May

09:00-10:00 Breakfast on the International Space Station: Astronauts and children have breakfast together.

10:00-12:00 ESA Workshop: Women in space.

12:15-13:15 ESA press conference: Europe and the International Space Station * overall status of the International Space Station * status of the European hardware * utilisation * single European astronaut corps * results of Neurolab Jörg Feustel-Büechl, Director of Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity.