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STS-134 mission key data

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STS-134 was the 36th Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station and the 134th Space Shuttle mission. It was the penultimate flight of the Space Shuttle programme and the last flight of Endeavour, Shuttle orbiter OV-105, which made its maiden flight in 1992 and flew 24 times before this mission.

Mission STS-134
Launching site Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
Launch date Monday 16 May 2011, 14:56 CEST (12:56 GMT
Spacecraft Space Shuttle Endeavour
Docking Wednesday 18 May 2011, 12:14 CEST (11:14 GMT)
Crew Mark E. Kelly, Commander
Gregory H. Johnson, Pilot
Michael Fincke, Mission Specialist 1
Roberto Vittori, Mission Specialist 2
Andrew J. Feustel, Mission Specialist 3
Gregory Chamitoff, Mission Specialist 4
Primary payload Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02)
Express Logistics Carrier 3 (ELC-3)
Landing Wednesday 1 June 2011, 08:35 CEST (06:35 GMT)
Mission duration 16 days

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