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ESA's Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get a job at ESA?
Visit our Careers at ESA website.

Where can I find information about the ESA Trainee Programmes?
ESA offers various training and fellowship opportunities for young nationals from its Member and Cooperating States. For more information, please see the Careers at ESA website.

How can I become an astronaut?
Please refer to the page on how to become an Astronaut.

How can I get information/photos of the ESA Astronauts?
ESA's Astronauts biographies can be found on the Astronauts Page.

I want to use ESA photos/material. How should I proceed with the copyright issue?
You may freely use the images you find on our site, as long as it is not for commercial use. You may not modify the images. If you intend to use any of the images on a website, please acknowledge that it originates from ESA. For more information, see our Terms and conditions of use.

Where can I subscribe to the ESA Press Releases?
See the ESA Home Page and click on Subscribe in the left column.

Where can I find technical information/images regarding Earth Observation satellites?
Refer to ESA's Earthnet Online Service, which contains many resources on Earth Observation. Also, we maintain Envisat, MSG and Metop homepages.

Where can I find technical information/images regarding ESA's scientific satellites?
Extensive information is available online through the Science homepage on past, present and future missions.

What is the latest news on the Ariane-5 flight?
You can find the latest news on Ariane 5 from the Launchers homepage, and other links therein.

Where can I find out about upcoming launches?
Refer to the Next Launches page.

Where can I find out about past ESA projects?
Go to the Publications homepage, where you can find articles about past projects. Also, you may access ESA's individual programme pages to find out more about older missions.

I'm looking for the ESA Bulletin? Where can I find this and other publications?
ESA maintains its own Publications website, where a variety of publications may be accessed.

I would like information about upcoming events/ conferences. Where can I look?
You can find a full list of upcoming space-related events on our Calendar pages. Also, access the up-to-date homepage of ESA-sponsored conferences and events.

I'm having difficulty accessing your web pages. I'm using Netscape version 3.1.
The ESA Portal is optimised for use with Internet Explorer version 5.x and Netscape Navigator version 6.2.x for Windows and Macintosh. These browsers can be obtained for free from or

More information is available on the Help page.

I'm trying to contact someone at ESA. How can I go about doing this?
Please pose these questions via e-mail to the ESA Web Helpdesk, we do not maintain public lists of ESA employees on the Internet.

How can my company apply for ESA contracts?
You can find out about doing business with ESA via the e-business web pages. ESA offers and maintains, specifically for this purpose, a system called the Electronic Mailing of Invitations to Tender Service (EMITS) , which can be consulted online.

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