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European Space Expo Dublin

European Space Expo on its way to Dublin

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The European Space Expo “Discover what space brings to your life” will be hosted at Trinity College in Dublin during 4–9 June. The exhibition is free and offers an exciting insight into how space activities and applications directly affect our daily lives.

More than 30 000 applications depend on space technologies, such as raising efficiency in agriculture and fisheries, protecting the environment, improving safety and optimising transport systems.

Through the European flagship programmes of Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus (formally known as GMES), European citizens will benefit from the many services and applications, which are expected to create global market opportunities and help to support job creation and economic growth.  

After its great success in several European cities in 2012 (Copenhagen, Toulouse, Vienna, Larnaca, Brussels, Helsinki, London) and in 2013 (Madrid, Budapest, Hannover, Warsaw and Bratislava) the exhibition is continuing its journey through Europe. Next stop is Dublin, in the Front Square of Trinity College Dublin. Thanks to rich and interactive audiovisual materials, visitors of all ages can see, touch and experience the wide range of technologies and innovative services offered by space. 

The exhibition, organised by the European Commission with the participation of ESA, has already welcomed more than 150 000 visitors.

The European Space Expo is also the occasion for the public to better understand, through live presentations from experts in space applications, the various ways in which space technologies are improving our quality of life. Each day at 13:00, visitors can use a remote-control telescope in the Canary Islands to observe the Sun… from the comfort of the Space Expo!

The Teide Observatory in Tenerife is a world-class observing site, with many telescopes that sit on the mountain above the clouds, allowing astronomers to watch the skies day and night.

Visiting schools and groups should ensure they get a tour by registering on the booking webpage. The full range of events can be found in the programme.


The Expo will be open:

Tuesday 4 June: 12:00–18:00

Wednesday–Sunday 5–9 June: 10:00–18:00

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