Samantha’s mission has a name: Futura

Samantha during training at GCTC
Spacewalk training
9 December 2013

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti’s mission to the International Space Station will be called Futura. The name for the joint mission with Italy’s ASI space agency, set for launch next November, was chosen after a call for ideas in her home country.

Last month Samantha asked people to think of a mission name and suggested a number of inspirational words: research, discovery, science, technology, exploration, wonder, adventure, travel, excellence, teamwork, humanity, enthusiasm, dreams and nutrition.

Samantha says: “A big thank you to all those who sent their ideas for the name of the mission that will take me to the International Space Station in less than a year now. It was not easy to choose from more than a thousand proposals.

“I shared some words that are dear to me, and I think ‘Futura’ brings them all together with plenty of positive momentum towards the future.”

Training in Russia

Samantha will spend almost six months on the Station as part of Expedition 42/43. She will be the seventh Italian astronaut to go to space.

“Now that the mission has a name, I need a logo to represent it and to wear on my suit during my trip in space. I propose the same words to inspire the design and I ask for your help again.”

The logo should represent the Italian involvement in the mission and follow the guidelines given by Samantha and in the competition rules. Details are available on the ASI website in Italian only.

The competition is open to all with no age limit. Send your submission by email to with the subject line “Proposal logo Samantha Cristoforetti mission”. The deadline is set for noon CET on 30 December.

The winner will be invited to meet Samantha.

Samantha Cristoforetti Soyuz training at GCTC
Soyuz training
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