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What is ESA doing in Distributed Interactive Simulation?
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High Level Architecture (HLA)
Why Distributed Interactive Simulation?
Most of the space projects today have an international character involving industrial partners distributed around the world. Independent development of simulation facilities at each site will result in significant duplication with the associated waste of the already scarce resources. Interoperability of simulations between sites seems to be the obvious way of making optimum use of the available resources allowing remote access to distributed teams without the need of expensive (in terms of time and money) moving of personal and equipment.  
What is ESA doing in Distributed Interactive Simulation?
We are conducting experiments as a part of our research activities to evaluate distributed simulation for the benefit of space projects. In doing this, a standard approach for implementation of interoperability has been selected, namely the High Level Architecture (HLA), promoted by the US DoD and which became the IEEE 1516 standard. A prototype software layer called Run Time Infrastructre (RTI) implements the functionallity described in the standard.
Last update: 26 September 2006

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