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Galileo System Simulation Facility - GSSF
GSSF is a software simulation tool that reproduces the functional and performance behaviour of the Galileo system in order to support the system engineering activities during the various phases of the project. GSSF provides two simulators integrated into one single tool:
  1. Service Volume Simulator – GSSF-SVS, which supports navigation and integrity performance analyses over long time periods and over large geographical areas
  2. Raw Data Generator – GSSF-RDG , which supports Galileo and GPS raw data generation for experimental purposes: RINEX observation, IGS SP3
Alternative sets of models are used according to the capability selected and a comprehensive set of analyses of results is provided  
The following analyses are supported by GSSF : Visibility Analysis Coverage Analysis DOP Analysis Navigation Performance Analysis Integrity Analysis Service Analysis Hardware Platform: PC/XP Models: developed in C++. User defined models and algorithms can be plugged into GSSF, if compliant with GSSF interfaces GSSF V2.0 is available and validated. GSSF V2.0 - Service Volume Analysis capability can be downloaded from web. GSSF V2.0 - GPS & Galileo Raw Data Generation capability is available in ESTEC. For more information, documentation and latest news please look at the GSSF web page
Last update: 30 September 2010

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