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The ICC Viewer
The training and mission operations are of crucial importance to the ISS and other manned programs like the future mission to the Moon and Mars. To support this objective, ESA has chosen the ParallelGraphics Virtual Manuals technology to include 3D graphics for both on-ground training and on-board astronaut refresh training. Research has shown that the 3D component will bring benefits to the task of training, such as minimizing the time required to train for a task, increasing knowledge retention and providing new insight into the operation of complex machinery or systems. The Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) Viewer is a set of procedures developed in conjunction with the ESA European Astronaut Corps (EAC). The ICC viewer is a flexible tool can be used for flight controller training, crew training for cargo and ICC operations. ICC viewer provides:
  • 3D visualization of the internal ATV ICC Module (cargo, racks, panels, and equipment).
  • A collection of 3D animated operational and maintenance procedures that can be executed either step by step or in automatic mode.
  • Easy identification of tools (handrails, foot restraints, screw drivers) needed to execute each task (the list of tools is linked to their visual representations within 3D environment).
By means of a set of 3D-powered Computer Based Training, astronaut crews will be able to view a procedure created by a trainer or engineer, then practice the procedures using their laptops before moving to the physical mock-ups. The crew members can repeat the procedure training at their convenience as many times as desired prior to their mission. The CBT can also be useful for mission operations engineers and ground controllers. The tool supports the astronauts both in the preparatory ground training and as a refresh on-board training. To support the Jules Verne training activities the following virtual procedures have been developed in the frame of the ICC Viewer and are currently part of the astronauts training material. 1) First Ingress 2) Permanent Ingress 3) Egress 4) Dry Cargo Operations 5) Water Transfers: - To EDV tank using Compressor (Backup) - To EDV tank using Transfer Unit (Nominal) - To Rodnik using Compressor (Backup) - To Rodnik using Transfer Unit (Nominal) 6) Waste Transfers: - Waste from EDV to ATV tanks Compressor (Nominal) - Waste from EDV to ATV tanks Hand Pump (Backup) 7) Gas Transfer 8) Location codes viewer The ICC viewer is executed inside an Internet Explorer web page and uses the Cortona VRML player, which can be downloaded from the Cortona web page. The ICC viewer can be installed on standard PCs (including laptops and tablet PCs) and used for both ground training and refreshing of astronaut’s skills on board, during the mission.
Last update: 30 August 2006

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