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Widen your business reach via esa-match

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New business opportunities await those economic operators registered with ESA which have set up their profile information in esa-match – ESA’s new industry matchmaking platform.

esa-match makes it easier for companies wanting to do business in the space sector to find potential partners. There are currently 10 417 potential partners to connect with so it is worthwhile increasing your profile information to make sure your entity comes up in searches.

Access esa-match via the Doing Business with ESA portal. 

Individual profile pages will generate more interest when additional information is given about an organisation’s products, services and facilities. Experience in ESA and non-ESA projects can be presented as well as certifications, contact details and social media accounts.

esa-star users with the role of Entity Information Administrator and Business Unit Information Administrator are automatically assigned the role of 'esa-match Responsible' in the system. As such they are able to complete their entity’s profile pages or assign the role of esa-match Responsible to colleagues via esa-star Registration. Any esa-match Responsible is able to maintain their entity’s esa-match presence.

ESA Learning Hub e-learning
ESA Learning Hub e-learning

Introductory training sessions will be held on 22 April and 6 May 2021. Sign up via the ESA Learning Hub.

Get started


To get started with esa-match, esa-match Responsibles should log in to the system at:

Here they can fill in their entity or business unit profile and adjust its privacy settings. It is possible to make information available in the public part of esa-match which can be accessed by anyone, worldwide, or to limit it to esa-star users in the internal part.

Users with the role of esa-match Responsible are also advised to enable their entity’s Lounge area, a private virtual room that can be used to communicate with other entities. If the feature is not activated, entities cannot be contacted by others through the system.

esa-match profile page
esa-match profile page

The Lounge area is also available to esa-match Conversation Managers, a role that the esa-match Responsible can assign to colleagues with an esa-star account so that they can use the functionality to communicate with potential partners. Conversation Managers can also place and respond to Marketspace ads.

Additional colleagues who should have access to the internal part of esa-match to make use of features such as the Marketspace or the Tenders Area can be added via esa-star Registration. A simple esa-star user role is sufficient to access the system.

The external part of esa-match, reachable without an account, but with limited functionalities and content is available at:

For the full esa-match experience, esa-star user can visit the internal part at:

More information about how to get started with esa-match can be found in the esa-match training manuals. esa-match Responsibles are advised to consult the “Management of the entity Profile and the Conversation Manager role” file in particular.

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