Managing space information

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ESA owns a wealth of data, information and knowledge. It has been amassed in the more than 40 years that the Agency has existed. To succeed in the modern world, it must not only understand and use these resources itself, but manage and share them as effectively as possible.

It must classify its different layers of Space Information and identify which stakeholders need access. ESA’s information management policy will set the rules governing  access to each information class to each stakeholder.

This Information Management Policy enhances the value of the Agency beyond the provision of Space Infrastructure by addressing the value inherent in its vast resource of data, information and knowledge. The knowledge of how to build or exploit a space system is actually as valuable as the system itself and requires conscious management to maintain Europe’s leadership in space.

The value of this information will increase with time as the systematic capture of information and sharing approach is implemented across all aspects of the Agency.

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