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This is ESA is an illustrated guide to what ESA is and what we do. It shows a range of our activities and missions at the cutting edge of space design and technology, from making space safer to monitoring climate change and exploring our Solar System. The interactive version invites you to search for the + icons and to click for more facts and figures. There is also a printable PDF version.

Both versions are available in the primary languages of all ESA Member States and Associate Members, plus Russian.

The brochure comes with an attractive space poster that can also be downloaded – see below for more.

Interactive Printable PDF
Czech Czech (CZ)
Danish Danish (DK)
Dutch Dutch (NL)
English English (EN)
Estonian Estonian (EE)
Finnish Finnish (FI)
French French (FR)
German German (DE)
Greek Greek (GR)
Hungarian Hungarian (HU)
Irish Irish (IE)
Italian Italian (IT)
Latvian Latvian (LV)
Lithuanian Lithuania (LT)
Norwegian Norwegian (NO)
Polish Polish (PL)
Portuguese Portuguese (PT)
Romanian Romanian (RO)
Russian Russian (RU)
Slovak Slovak (SK)
Slovenian Slovenian (SL)
Spanish Spanish (ES)
Swedish Swedish (SE)
Download the poster

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Behind the scenes: poster

This is ESA's poster is the visual component of the brochure, which takes you on a journey through ESA’s activities, showcasing how ESA is making space work for the benefit of humankind. The poster encapsulates these achievements in one dynamic image. But integrating our diverse space activities, including past, present and future missions, into one cohesive colour poster was a challenge. In this interview, the poster’s designer explains how he achieved this and where he found his inspiration. Read more.

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