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GIOVE-B launch website now available

19/03/2008 356 views 0 likes
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A website dedicated to news and images related to the upcoming launch of the second Galileo satellite, GIOVE-B, is now on line.

After completing a successful test campaign at ESTEC, ESA's European Research and Technology Centre in The Netherlands, GIOVE-B has been transported to the launch site at Baikonur, in Kazakhstan.
From now until the completion of the early-orbit operations, the GIOVE-B launch website will be regularly updated with news and pictures from Baikonur, and Galileo background material.
The launch of GIOVE-B is scheduled for 27 April at 00:16:02 CEST (22:16 UTC 26 April, 04:16:02 local time on 27 April)

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