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Fly Your Satellite from the ISS programme

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ESA / Education / CubeSats - Fly Your Satellite!

‘Fly Your Satellite from the ISS!’ is an extension of the ESA ‘Fly your Satellite!’ educational programme, which offers valuable hands-on project opportunities designed to inspire, engage, and better prepare students for their future careers in the space-related scientific & technological fields.

The aim of this programme is to provide university students with the unique opportunity to gain significant practical experience in the full lifecycle of a real space project- from cradle to grave. This involves designing, manufacturing, assembling, integrating and testing of a CubeSat. Simultaneously, students must prepare the documentation required to pass ESA technical reviews, and are then responsible for launching and operating a small satellite in orbit, ensuring also that its disposal will be in compliance with the space debris mitigation requirements.

The pilot project of ‘Fly Your Satellite from the ISS!’ is the AAUSAT5 student CubeSat. AAUSAT5 was built by a team of students from Aalborg University (Denmark), supervised by their professors, andt was selected by the ESA Education Office and the ESA Human Spaceflight and Operations (HSO) Directorate for a CubeSat flight opportunity created in conjunction with the mission to the ISS of the first ESA Danish astronaut, Andreas Mogensen. 

This makes AAUSAT5 ESA’s first student CubeSat to be deployed from the ISS!

Please note that a new call for proposals will be launched when a new opportunity is initiated. We advise you to visit our website on a regular basis for updates.