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About the training and learning programme

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The Training and Learning Programme is one of the two pillars of the ESA Academy programme for university students. It aims at complementing the standard academic formation in space-related disciplines offered to students from ESA Member States, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Canada's universities. One of its main objectives is to attract future scientists and engineers to the space sector by transferring knowledge, know-how, and standards in all fields of ESA expertise. The goal is to better prepare the future workforce for the space community, and to show students the many opportunities offered by space research, facilities, and applications for science and engineering in fields unrelated to space.


Four-five day training sessions in:

  • Space engineering
  • Space sciences
  • Space medicine
  • Space law
  • Spacecraft operations and communication
  • Project and risk management
  • Product & quality insurance
  • Standardisation
  • Space debris
  • Technology transfer and innovation
  • Mission planning
  • and more

delivered by ESA and external experts.

In addition to training sessions, the Training and Learning Programme further supports and promotes interaction with space professional by offering university students:

  • Sponsorship to participate in professional conferences
  • Support for other space-related learning opportunities coordinated with, or by, partners  



Among others, the ESA Academy Training and Learning Programme makes use of the ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility located in the ESA Education Training Centre, ESEC-Galaxia, Belgium.

The Training and Learning Facility is composed of a 

  • a training room
  • an educational Concurrent Design Facility (CDF)


The ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Programme has been coordinated by the ESA Education Office from ESEC since September 2015, and related training sessions have been delivered since March 2016.

Please check the current opportunities to learn more about upcoming ESA Academy training sessions and to apply.

For information on future ESA Academy training sessions, visit the future opportunities page.

To find out the last and next delivery date for a course, please check the current portfolio of ESA Academy training sessions.

Please note that the information detailed above is subject to change without prior notice.

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