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Finalists of the iriss Space Robotics Competition announced from space

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Finalists of the 'iriss' Space Robotics Competition were announced by Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen during his 10-day mission to the International Space Station.

The competition was launched in January 2015 for school students all over Europe. Their challenge was to design a robot that could move cargo from one end of an International Space Station (ISS) mock-up to another.

Three teams of finalists were selected for each of the following age categories:

Robot finalists
Robot finalists

11-13 years old:
- Team Terra from Denmark
- I-Robot from Romania
- Kidnautas from Spain

14-16 years old:
- Curious 5 from Denmark
- Johanneum robotics from Germany
- RO-SAT ONE Junior from Romania

17-19 years old:
- Team Specialisterne from Denmark
- The Andinators from Estonia
- EXPERT from Portugal

The student teams will be invited to attend the grand finale of the competition at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, in December. Over two days, the teams will compete with one another to see whose robot can move more cargo from one part of a mock-up Space Station module to another, avoiding collisions along the way.

Andreas, who is the ambassador of this educational project, will be present during those two days, mingling with the students and answering their questions about his time spent in space. At the end of the competition, he will present the prizes to the winners.

The competition is an exciting opportunity for school children from across Europe to engage with the space industry and to foster teamwork.

iriss Space Robotics competition finalists announcement
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