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Hypergravity research for students

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In the area of hypergravity research there are numerous reasons to perform ground-based research. The most likely uses for the LDC are: 

  • to perform scientific studies on the effects of hypergravity on the system under investigation;
  • to specifically investigate the parameters which might be affected by hypergravity conditions;
  • to test hardware performance under simulated hypergravity conditions.

Within these conditions, a wide variety of experiments can be proposed, from relatively simple to technically complex ones. In the past, Spin your Thesis! teams have performed experiments that involve the following:

  • biological cell development under hypergravity
  • the effect of gravity on Plasma arcs
  • the effect of acoustics on water bubbles under simulated gravity
  • the acclimatisation of plants in hypergravity
  • the behaviour of high-voltage water bridges under gravity


Many other types of investigations can be conceived, in particular in the fields of chemistry, optical physics, material and fluid sciences and geology. 

Preparing the experiment in the LDC.
Preparing the experiment in the LDC.

For examples of experiments in hypergravity visit our page on professional centrifuge experiments as well as the pages of the previous Spin Your Thesis! student experiments.

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