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By entering the challenge you agree to the following

By submitting a transit report, the applicant gives permission to ESA to publish their name, and gives to ESA all the rights to use the proposal for the purposes outlined in this announcement and for purposes related to ESA communications. By submitting a transit report, the participant declares that it is their own work and is not copied from any other original work. ESA bears no responsibility for verifying the authenticity of the reports.

Any entry deemed obscene in any language or offensive on religious, racial, gender, political, or other grounds will be declared ineligible, without appeal or recourse.


ESA bears no responsibility for any delay or loss of entry. The rules may be updated or added to without notice, reflecting any questions we receive to clarify rules. Dates may change due to unforeseen events outside our control. The competition is run on a best-effort basis.

The Transit of Mercury challenge is recommended to schools and groups of young people in secondary level education.

One entry per group permitted.

Entries must be submitted in English.

A responsible adult, over the age of 18, must submit entries.

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