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Be an Integral astronomer - competition

20/04/2009 717 views 1 likes
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To mark the International Year of Astronomy, ESA is launching a special competition for secondary school students and undergraduates. Participants will use data obtained by the Integral space observatory to investigate objects in one of the most active regions of our Galaxy.

The Integral space observatory keeps a close watch on high-energy emission from the Milky Way’s Galactic bulge. This ever-changing area contains a wealth of astronomical sources that release high-energy gamma and X-rays. By participating in this competition, students can explore the fascinating Galactic bulge and join a community of astronomers studying the violent and exotic processes that define this region of our Galaxy.

The competition was launched during ‘Around the World in 80 Telescopes’, a live 24-hour webcast that took place as part of ‘100 Hours of Astronomy’, a cornerstone project for the International Year of Astronomy 2009.

About the competition

Visit the competition pages using the link in the menu on the right to find out more. Here you will find details of what the competition entails, prizes and how to participate. Individual entries will be accepted and judged by a panel of ESA experts in two categories: secondary school students and undergraduates. Participants have until 14 August 2009 to submit their entry.

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