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Jules Verne ATV Demonstration Day 2

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19:00 CEST (17:00 UT) - The Escape command ends today's Demonstration Day 2. ATV is now quite some distance from ISS. 72 hours of phasing will now transfer Jules Verne ATV to the S-1/2 point, 39 km behind the International Space Station, ready for the first rendezvous and docking attempt on Thursday.

18:52 CEST (16:52 UT) - ISS crew sends Escape command. ATV receives command and starts to move away from ISS. Orbital manoeuvres will eventually return ATV to S-1/2, 39 km behind ISS.

18:45 CEST (16:45 UT) - Arrival at S4. Waiting for the Escape command. ATV and ISS are passing over Brasil.

18.42 CEST (16:42 UT) - ATV retreats in direction of S4 after Retreat command sent by the astronauts on board ISS. Command sent after 4 minutes of successful station keeping.

18:37 CEST (16:37 UT) - Arrival at S41. ATV will confirm under automated guidance that it can track the docking port. Once confirmed the astronauts will send the Retreat command, ATV will move away towards S4. Once at S4, the astronauts will send the Escape command to send ATV away from the ISS.

18:34 CEST (16:34 UT) - Departure from S4 towards S41. S41 is 11m away from the International Space Station and will be the closest approach today.

18:13 CEST (16:13 UT) - S4 arrival. ATV is within 19 m of the ISS. The Telegoniometers have been switched on.

17:58 CEST (15:58 UT) The retreat and resume commands issued by ATV-CC were all nominal.

17:46 CEST (15:46 UT) Jules Verne ATV leaves S3 for point S4 at 19 m, being guided using the optical navigation system.

17:27 CEST (17:27 UT) Jules Verne ATV has started navigating using the Videometer.

17:10 CEST (15:10 UT) Arrival at S3, 249 m away from the ISS. ATV rotated to so-called 'Earth facing' position. Videometer activated and aligning with Station.

16:30 CEST (14:30 UT) Performed first burn to start departure from S2.

15:58 CEST (13:58 UT) Jules Verne ATV arrives at S2 point - ATV is 3.5 km behind ISS. ATV is scheduled to stay at S2 until 16:30 CEST (14:30 UT).

15:12 CEST (13:12 UT) Jules Verne ATV arrives at S1 point - ATV is 15.5 km behind ISS.

12:26 CEST (10:26 UT) Jules Verne ATV passes the S-1/2 point - ATV is 39 km behind ISS.

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