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The Ariane 5 launcher being moved from the BIL in front of the BAF entrance
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Launcher moves from BIL to BAF

14/08/2003 653 views 0 likes
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Final preparations are being made to the Ariane-5 launcher that will release SMART-1 into space, to start its journey to the moon. The Flight 162 launcher was taken yesterday from the BIL (Bâtiment d'Intégration Lanceur) to the BAF (Bâtiment d'Intégration Finale), where the upper part of the launcher will be assembled

The lower part of the launcher comprises the cryogenic main core stage (with the vulcain main engine, oxygen and hydrogen tanks), two solid rocket boosters and the upper stage, including the vehicle equipment bay where the SMART-1 adapter will be installed.

Upcoming Milestones

14 August Simulation of the 4th Orbit (ESOC)
18 August SMART-1 and adapter mated on the launcher
19 August cylinder stack mounted on the launcher around
21 August e-Bird mated to the launcher
25 August Fairing integration with INSAT
27 August Upper composite completed to launcher
28 August Launch vehicle filling
29 August Dress Rehearsal
1 September Launch readiness review 1/9
2 September Launcher moved to launch pad
3 September at 23:04 GMT launch of V162 (A516)

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