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These pages are intended as a guide for all space industry actors interested in How to do Business with ESA. We have compiled here key information derived from our knowledge and experience. The aim is to improve our connection with you and to enhance exchanges within the space industry and research institute communities. Through these pages we will provide you with helpful material, keep you up-to-date with seminars and events, the provision of training courses and other educational tools, and above all ensure easy and complete access to business opportunities.

We extend an especially warm welcome to partners from new Member States. We will guide you through the esa-star online registration process, describe the esa-star tendering system and and explain the steps in the ESA procurement process. You can also familiarise yourself with the ESA financial system (esa-p) and the costing software. All this and more is available to you on these pages.

Our Business Opportunities page will show you the different ways of accessing and learning about such opportunities with ESA. Various approaches can be taken: you may be interested in a specific programme (Focus On), have questions about Teaming up with other Partners, or you may want to find out what is being organised in your own country. How many contracts per year are we talking about and what does dealing with an intergovernmental customer such as ESA involve? For answers to these questions and many more, please visit this page.

For doing business with ESA, most Invitations to Tender will be published through the EMITS system. You can find information on how to register and what the processes are in the How to do section of this portal. This also provides tips and tricks on how to draft a sound proposal and how to deal with the financial side of things. The Intellectual Property Rights angle is also explained. Our dedicated Industrial Ombudsman plays an essential role in ensuring that all parties conform to the Procurement Rules and Regulations as laid out in the Code of Best Practices.

Large System Integrators represent an important element of the space industry. We offer useful information for these organisations.

We devote a whole section to Small & Medium-sized Enterprises, as the flexible and innovative capabilities of SMEs are of high value to Europe’s space industry. ESA therefore actively encourages such companies to get involved in its space programmes. This encouragement for instance takes the form of ESA training and technical assistance, access to ESA facilities and reservation of some ITTs for SMEs only.

We invite you to browse through these pages and discover the opportunities available. Should you have any queries, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.