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ESA / Applications / Observing the Earth / Copernicus

Services relevant to the land environment include monitoring for water management, agriculture and food security, land-use change, forest monitoring, soil quality, urban planning and natural protection services. 


Nature valued from space Storms hit Europe's forests
Wetlands - unexpected
Soil moisture data
for global challenges
Facing the renewable
energy challenge
A close-up view of big events Europe's lakes and rivers
monitored from space
Keeping Europe
on the move
Glaciers on the move -
a perspective from space
Satellites support monitoring
of Europe's green lungs
Satellites pinpoint
the loss of natural soil
Expanding cities -
a growing concern
From space to species:
monitoring biodiversity
Europe's changing snow cover
seen from space
Satellites help to monitor
infrastructure stability
Food watch from space How satellites track
a mass killer
Preserving forests
cutting carbon
Boosting food security
from space
Satellites reveal where 
Europe is running out of water
Satellites help to design
more habitable cities

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