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ESA / Applications / Observing the Earth / Copernicus

Sentinel-1 is a polar-orbiting, all-weather, day-and-night radar imaging mission for land, ocean and emergency response services. 


Wetlands - unexpected
Monitoring restless
Satellites aid reindeer herders
Climate change research
beyond limits
Soil moisture data
for global challenges
Facing the renewable
energy challenge
A close-up view of big events Costa Concordia: Recovery
operations assisted from space
Keeping Europe
on the move
How Copernicus supports
flood management
Food watch from space How satellites track
a mass killer
Satellites support
sustainable fishing
Satellites support sustainable
aquaculture development
How satellites help manage
humanitarian crises
Satellites provide unique
insight into our climate system
How satellites can measure
terrain displacements
after earthquakes
Boosting economic growth
with Copernicus
Monitoring climate change
in the Arctic
Satellites help to monitor
infrastructure stability
Tracking flood waters
from space
Space technology reveals
where oil pollutes the oceans
Glaciers on the move -
a perspective from space
Landslide warnings from
satellites save lives
Space supports Europe's
renewable energy future
Reacting to disasters
with satellite data
Safer shipping
through sea ice
Boosting food security
from space
Satellites reveal where
Europe is running out of water
Copernicus supports
storm monitoring
Europe's changing snow cover
seen from space
Satellites support monitoring
of Europe's green lungs
Tracking a burning issue
from space

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