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Microgravity research for students

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Gravity is so fundamental to all processes on Earth that removing it can offer unique perspectives into nearly all processes. Research topics that can greatly benefit from using microgravity platforms include: 

  • Fluid physics: dynamics, change of phase, films, interfaces, bubbles and droplets
  • Fundamental physics: gravity research, Bose-Einstein condensates
  • Combustion: gaseous flames, droplet ignition and combustion, wall fires
  • Biology: bio-sensors, single cellular organisms, osmosis, organic compounds, seeds, bioprocessing
  • Material sciences: alloys, foam, granular systems, porous media, rapid undercooling, polymerisation, sol-gel processes
  • Heat transfer: evaporation, condensation, convection, conduction
  • Astrophysics: cosmic dust, plasmas, planet formation
  • Chemistry and biochemistry: proteins, chemical patterns

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