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Online news, background and frequently asked questions

OPS-SAT FAQ for media 1 Dec 2019

OPS-SAT Fact sheet for Media 1 Dec 2019

Online news & background


Technical information


Artist's impressions

OPS-SAT desktop model

OPS-SAT engineering model ('Flatsat')


OPS-SAT mission control facilities at ESOC


Cheops launch on Arianespace VS23 - animation
Note: OPS-SAT is seen as one of the four small satellites in the multi-satellite deployer beneath Cheops at 00:33

OPS-SAT shaker testing at RUAG Space Austria

Interview with Prof Otto Koudelka, TU Graz
Head of the Institut für Kommunikationsnetze und Satellitenkommunikation (German, w/English subtitles)

Mission trailer

OPS-SAT: The Flying Laboratory