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Vega launcher
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Vega is an ESA optional programme with the participation of seven Member States: Belgium, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The programme is managed jointly by an integrated project team of staff from ESA, ASI and CNES. The launch vehicle, ground segment and VERTA teams are based at ESRIN in Italy and the P80 engine team is based at CNES in France. It therefore benefits from the technical support and expertise of all three agencies.

Vega launcher
Vega launcher

Development activities have been organised in four main projects:

  • Launch vehicle
  • P80 solid-propellant first stage
  • Ground segment
  • Initial exploitation phase through the VERTA programme

Industrial team

The industrial prime contractor of the launch vehicle is ELV SpA, 30% of which is owned by ASI and 70% by Avio SpA, including more than 40 European subcontractors. Italian company Vitrociset is the prime contractor for the ground segment.

As the future launch service provider, Arianespace participates in the launch operations.

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