Discovery is now being prepared for today's launch at 20:38 CEST (18:38 UT)
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Space Shuttle launch countdown resumes

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NASA's Mission Management Team (MMT) have reviewed the latest detailed analysis and testing data regarding the loss of foam on the inboard strut on the Liquid Oxygen feedline bracket assembly, and no showstoppers were identified. The weather forecast for Tuesday shows an 80% chance of acceptable launch weather. For latest updates see NASA's launch page.

NASA reports that good imagery of all areas of the strut and bracket were acquired using a special visual inspection device (borescope) which provides a high level of confidence in the integrity of the remaining strut insulation. The aero thermal loads were concluded to be within the acceptable limits. An ice liberation test concluded that no excessive ice build-up nor ice shedding is expected in/from the damaged area.

The third launch attempt of Space Shuttle Discovery on flight STS-121 is scheduled for 20:38 CEST (18:38 UT) today.

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