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SOHO comet 750 seen by LASCO C2
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SOHO sees its 750th comet

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On 22 March 2004, the ESA/NASA SOHO solar observatory spacecraft discovered its 750th comet since its launch in December 1995.

SOHO comet 750 was discovered by the German amateur astronomer Sebastian Hönig, one of the most successful SOHO comet-hunters. It was a part of the Kreutz family of 'sungrazing' comets, which usually evaporate in the hot solar atmosphere.

SOHO comet 750 seen by LASCO C3
SOHO comet 750 seen by LASCO C3

The LASCO coronagraph on SOHO, designed for seeing outbursts from the Sun, uses a mask to block the bright rays from the visible surface. It monitors a large volume of surrounding space and, as a result, has become the most prolific 'discoverer' of comets in the history of astronomy. Its images are displayed on the internet.

More than 75% of the discoveries have come from amateur comet hunters around the world, watching these freely available SOHO images on the internet. So, anyone with internet access can take part in the hunt for new comets and be a 'comet discoverer'! Click here for information about how to search for your own comet.

Artist's impression of the SOHO spacecraft
Artist's impression of the SOHO spacecraft

SOHO is a mission of international co-operation between ESA and NASA, launched in December 1995. Every day SOHO sends thrilling images from which research scientists learn about the Sun's nature and behaviour. Experts around the world use SOHO images and data to help them predict 'space weather' events affecting our planet.

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