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ESA’s Director General is assisted by 10 Directors, each of whom is responsible for one of ESA’s programmes or for administering part of the Agency.

Josef Aschbacher - ESA Director General

Josef AschbacherESA Director General
Josef Aschbacher became the ESA Director General on 1 March 2021.
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Franco Ongaro - Director of TEC 

Franco Ongaro - Director of TEC
Franco Ongaro is the Director of Technology, Engineering and Quality (D/TEC), and Head of ESTEC in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.
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David Parker - Director of HRE 

David Parker Director of HRE
David Parker is the Director of Human and Robotic Exploration (D/HRE).
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Eric Morel de Westgaver - Director of IPL 

Eric Morel de WestgaverDirector of ELI
Eric Morel de Westgaver is the Director of European, Legal and International Matters (D/ELI), and Head of ESA HQ, Paris, France.
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Daniel Neuenschwander - Director of STS 

Daniel NeuenschwanderDirector of STS
Daniel Neuenschwander is the Director of Space Transportation (D/STS).
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Toni Tolker-Neilsen - Director of EOP (acting) 

Toni Tolker-Nielsen Director of EOP (acting)
Toni Tolker-Nielsen is acting Director of Earth Observation (D/EOP) and Head of ESRIN, Frascati, Italy.


Paul Verhoef - Director of NAV 

Paul VerhoefDirector of NAV
Paul Verhoef is the Director of Navigation (D/NAV).
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Günther Hasinger - Director of SCI 

Günther Hasinger - Director of SCI
Prof. Günther Hasinger is the Director of Science (D/SCI), and Head of ESAC, near Madrid, Spain.
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Elodie Viau - Director of TIA 

Elodie ViauDirector of TIA
Elodie Viau is the Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (D/TIA), and Head of ECSAT, Harwell, UK.
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Jean Max Puech - Director of HIF 

Jean Max Puech - Director of HIF
Jean Max Puech is the Director of Internal Services (D/HIF).
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Rolf Densing - Director of OPS 

Rolf Densing - Director of OPS
Rolf Densing is the Director of Operations (D/OPS), and Head of ESOC, in Darmstadt, Germany.
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