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Christer Fuglesang’s space diary #8

22/12/2006 1210 views 2 likes
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Homewards! We have started get everything in order for the landing. It will probably be tomorrow, but absolutely no later than Saturday. (Personally I do not mind another day!) The weather is uncertain, so we might even be landing in New Mexico.

It will be great to see my family again, but otherwise I would really like to stay longer in weightlessness and enjoy the fantastic view. I have been working out on the exercise bike for half an hour a day for the last three days. It might help a little after landing. Apart from that, we ‘fill up’ with water one hour before landing.

We have deployed three small satellite experiments. It went well from our side, but the last one did not seem to behave as expected when it was supposed to split up in to five parts after leaving the Shuttle. We only spotted four.

Today I saw Sweden again – an even better view than yesterday. We came as close as you can get.

Middeck has started to get everything in order: get up the seats and put the exercise bike away. Soon we will have the last press conference and in an hour the last e-mail download takes place.

So, here comes a last greeting from Discovery, STS-116 and space. It has been great and HELLO to everyone who has been following our adventure!

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