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The Climate Detectives 2019-2020 project features three phases

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Phase 1– Identify a climate problem (18 September 2019 - 31 October 2019 14 November 2019)

In this phase, students will be asked to identify a climate problem that they would like to investigate as ‘Climate Detectives’.  Students should define the problem based on questions that arise from their school studies and from observations in their local environment.  Students will have to plan their investigation of the problem, including data collection and, if applicable, data comparison from different sources.

In their investigation plan, the teams must: 

  • Identify their research question;
  • describe the local climate problem/issue they want to investigate (maximum 150 words);
  • explain how they plan to investigate the identified climate problem and which data they plan to collect and analyse (maximum 250 words);

Scientists in the field of Earth observation and climate will then review the investigation plans and give their feedback to all teams participating in the project. 

Phase 2 – Investigate the climate problem (2 December 2019 - 15 April 2020)

In this phase, students will collect, analyse and compare data to draw a conclusion about the problem they are investigating. The use of data is mandatory to enter the project. Such data can either be satellite or ground-based data retrieved from professional sources, or data obtained from measurements by the students, or a combination of them. 

During Phase 2, ESA or, where applicable, the national coordinator will organize online events in which teams can “meet a scientist” and receive background information and tips.

Phase 3 – Make a difference (16 April 2020 - 13 May 2020)

We can all make a difference! Based on the results of their investigations, students should decide on the actions they want to take - as individuals and as citizens – to help reduce the problem. Teams should record and provide evidence of their actions, and will have to share them with the ESA Climate Detectives community, making use of the projects sharing platform. In due time, ESA will provide information on how teams can share their results.

At the end of Phase 3, teams who shared their projects will receive a final written feedback provide by scientists.

Climate Detectives 2019-20 timeline
Climate Detectives 2019-20 timeline

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