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Watch the Climate Detectives webinar

12/03/2019 843 views 11 likes
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Learn more about Earth's climate in this engaging webinar by Dr Natalie Douglas. Natalie was invited by ESA to talk to the students participating in the Climate Detectives project and help them understand what lies beneath climate change. 

In the webinar, Natalie explains in simple terms the basics of Earth’s climate. She explains the difference between weather and climate as well as between global warming and climate change. She tells about how scientists investigate climate change and gives some impressive ideas about what we can all do to protect our planet’s climate!

Here below you can also find some highlights of the webinar.

Dr Natalie Douglas is a Teaching and Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, and is conducting research in Data Assimilation that has implications for climate change.


What is the difference between weather, climate variability and climate change? 

What could be some of the causes and consequences of climate change? 

How do scientists investigate climate? 

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