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Space Innovation with SysNova

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In June 2012 the GSP initiated SysNova: a new type of activity, based on a competition  with the goal of getting the most innovative ideas from the space field. The results of this first edition will be presented at the SysNova Workshop which will take place the 22nd January 2013 in ESA-ESTEC (The Netherlands).

GSP defined high-level requirements and asked industry, academic institutions and research institutions to collaborate and propose innovative solutions. In this first Announcement of Opportunity, the concurrent teams had to work on technology demonstration missions to deal with the following problems: how to modify the orbit of an asteroid or an Earth-bound manmade object without contact, how to deflect the secondary asteroid of a binary system with a kinetic impact, and how to sustain life in the interplanetary space environment.

In the first phase each study team was asked to propose a solution to two of the topics. These proposals were shortlisted and the teams which passed the first selection were asked to develop a more detailed analysis of one or more of the studies they had presented.

This second phase is coming to an end and on 22 January, there will be a workshop during which the teams will present their work and will have a chance to discuss their ideas with an audience of experts.

The Workshop will also include  presentations of related ESA internal studies, and a public discussion and will conclude with the announcement of the winners of SysNova 2012.

The workshop will take place on 22 January 2013 in the Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) at ESTEC, room A (EG121A), starting at 09:00 CET.

Video conference and webex will be available upon request.

The SysNova Workshop pdf can be downloaded here.

For further information please contact :

Andrés Gálvez (PPC-PF)

General Studies Programme manager

andres.galvez @ esa.int

Eleonora Luraschi (PPC-PF)

System support

eleonora.luraschi @ esa.int 

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