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Intended Invitations To Tender

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Forthcoming Invitations To Tender are described as Intended Invitations To Tender (IITTs), and for each of these the following information is given: 

  • A summary of the work to be done
  • An indication of the price range
  • The planned issue date - that is, the date on which the IITT is expected to become an open ITT/AO
  • The ESA Organizational Unit responsible for the Invitation To Tender 

This information is updated regularly to reflect any changes in the IITTs. 

The same structure is provided for both ESA Intended Invitations To Tender and other Entities Intended Invitations To Tender. 

Potential bidders may use EMITS to post an expression of interest (see Expression of interest) in a particular IITT. They are encouraged to do so well in advance as this will allow them to stay informed of any developments that may take place in the preparation of the procurement process. Moreover other companies can take these expressions of interest into account when establishing their strategy for replying to the corresponding Invitation To Tender.


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